This is an impromptu video during a summer cookout at the Lincoln Recreation Center, to uplift and give youth the opportunity to be in front of the camera, face their fears and explore their strengths.

Joe Focus, started in the group called E4C in 2008 and released a CD called Heart of Encouragement , and open up for Christian Artist like R swift, Thisl, and Jason.  In 2011 he released the CD Encouraging Words with songs Jesus loves u and Gotta Stay Focus!  In 2012 he released Focus Journey and it was released in local stores and even created a Soundcloud to promote these songs.  Comedy, singing, poetry, dancing, rapping are all a part of his many gifts and talents.  Joe Focus has dedicated his life to uplift and giving back to the youth and community.  His Youth Explosions and Can Goods Drive are driven by his Big Heart and a wide understanding of the needs of the community.

After the release of Reflections Joe Focus released Bubblegum Smoothie in June of 2015.  It is the first Gospel Hip Hop Children’s album with the lead single Bubbblegum Smoothie, Let’s do it again (kindness) Jump For Joy and many others with help of some friends saying encouraging words throughout the album.

Joe is our Hero Ambassador of Goodwill.