Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Therapists and Heroes R Forever _ Making a Difference!

Here are Heroes R Forever, we are happy to incorporate therapeutic healing in various forms including music, meditation, spoken word and art.  We stand against suicide, depression and aggression.  We provide coping mechanisms that youth can utilize daily.  Please visit our stopbullying section in our photo gallery.

Group Art Helps Patients Cope
Brent Billingsley (L) and Michael Coppage (R) have worked with patients to create 30 images for a collection of art called “The Many Michaels,” using a therapeutic, artistic and team building method that allows individuals to see things differently.
Michael Coppage and Brent Billingsley have personally seen the power of art change a patient’s life.Mental health specialists and trained artists, the duo use art in expressive group sessions as part of the therapeutic treatment at College Hill. More than 350 patients have taken part in a variety of collective art projects, such as painting individual tiles that when put together create masterpieces of iconic American figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and singer Prince.“It’s really about the process, not the product,” said Brent. “When you stir creativity, it’s very effective in helping patients drop their guard and expose issues they may be having.” Many even discover how to solve big problems–one step at a time–or a hidden talent.Art and music used in therapy programs contribute to the recovery and well-being of our patients and families every day. In our greater community, it contributes to the well-being of each of us and helps to define Cincinnati as a great place to work and live.